About Debby Ditta Photography

Hello, It's the photographer, Debby Ditta.  I'm so happy you stumbled upon the website!  May I invite you to sit down, have a cup of coffee, and browse through the website.   Some of my clients call me "Aunt Bee" because after a session...we feel like family. 

I'm a sentimental girl.  Your family will not be the same next year... your children will be taller, and a year older.  Your baby will look so different in just one day... tomorrow.  Only photographs will take your heart back to the memory that was...

I began  photographing over 20 years ago… way back in high school where I would develop my own film and print my own black and white photography in the darkroom.  It didn’t take me long to realize that I wanted to be a photographer for the rest of my life.  I continued my education at Sam Houston State where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Photography (yes, there really is such a degree:).

Now days, I married and I am a full time mommy of three children.  I love Jesus, I love to photograph, I love my coffee and chocolate, I love babies, I love vintage buttons, I love making baby birthday hats (props for the cake smash session), I love to use the " :) ", I love to antique shop (aka. prop shopping... there is never enough props... wink wink). 

My photography focus is maternity, newborn babies, children, and families.   Other than newborns, I photograph mostly outdoors in the lovely city of Tomball Texas.  There are so many great locations all right here!  The itty bitty babies are photographed in the warm comfort of my home studio.

Now, that's enough about me!  I want to hear about YOU and YOUR story!  Even better...I want to photograph your story.

Photo Credit: Diana King Photography


Do you photograph weddings?...
I no longer photograph weddings.  Retirement from weddings allows me to spend more time with my family. I can recommend wedding photographers if you need one.

Where do you photograph? 
I photograph maternity, seniors, families and children mostly outdoors in the lovely city of Tomball Texas.  There are so many great locations all right here! I will travel to other locations upon request with added travel and time fees that we can discuss upon consultation.  I have a studio in my home that is perfect size for newborns and toddlers. The itty bitty babies are photographed in the warmth and comfort of my home studio.

Can you make me look skinnier, younger, remove my braces, acne, whiten my teeth, add a person, etc? 
All of my images receive a special touch by my editing.  I do for your pictures exactly what I do for my own...minor retouching (a little skin softening) .  You still want to look realistic and the best "you".  Due to time constraints, I will not remove braces or major retouching.  I have outsourcing lab references that can do this for you if needed.  If there is anything you are self conscious about please let me know before the session and I will do my best to help style or disguise any possible issues.  

I only need one digital image, or a little session, for this or that reason, can you give me a discount? 
As much as I would like to discount products and sessions for friends ( I consider my clients friends too), I still have to pay taxes, dues, pay for website, equipment, etc.  It is in my heart to offer several package donations yearly to benefit auctions and special circumstances of people in need.  So, on a professional level,  I cannot bargain with packages and products.  What if your boss asked to only pay you for 50% of your hours?
However, I do offer referral rewards to existing clients that bring new clients my way.  Once the referral has booked and completed their session, the referee will receive $50.00 credit towards a future session, prints, or USB (not redeemed as cash).

I saw a cute picture on pinterest, can you copy exactly, exactly, exactly this picture?
I love Pinterest!  I really do!  So many great and creative ideas.  I would love to see your ideas, have a vision of your style, and some examples of things you like!  I cannot however promise you that my style, locations, your children, or props can be an exact match.   Chances are, you have seen and know my style and that's okay with you anyways :)

What if I have to reschedule?  What if it's snowing, raining, melting outside? 
Most of the time, this is no problem.  We can simply reschedule for the next available time slot for the both of us.  If it is a necessary reschedule on your (the client's) part, I have the right to request another non-refundable deposit of $50.00.  Don't worry, this will be deducted from your balance and you will pay less at the session date.  If it is a reschedule on my part (photographer illness, rain or snow, family emergency stuff), I will not require another deposit.

What if we are late for the session?
This is a tough one to answer...  If you are late for a doctor's visit, they will slap you with another bill.  If you are late to work, you get penalized (maybe even fired).  So...just don't be late :)  All the cool clients show up on time... Plan on getting to the session 10-20 minutes early.  Before your session, I plan your session time around the available light, the sunset/sunrise happens even if client is late.  The photographer takes great care to showing up on time... before the session (finding a babysitter, preparing equipment, obsessing about the rain forecast, traveling to location, packing props, etc.) So, be cool... not late.